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Friday, January 14, 2011

Eat Healthy At Home

Justine Routhier of the Weekend Wakeup Show on CJOB gave me a call about this article she read in the Huffington Post "How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life".

Link on link below for audio of the CJOB interview with Justine

The main points I liked from the article were:

  • Throw out junk food
  • Learn how to cook and shop
  • Plant a garden
  • Invest in food

Whenever we see lists like this it doesn't mean we have to embark on all of the initiatives immediately to benefit.  Choosing just one of these will lead to positive health changes that make you feel good.

While the family meal may seem like something from the 1950's, or indeed earlier as the article points out, there are many positive health benefits to making our own meals at home.

Make preparing meals a reward process that provides nutritious food that makes us healthy and feel good.  Sounds like mere words, a bunch of self appeasing rhetoric, but it's true.

We're so detached from eating for our health the mere mention of it puts many on the defensive as it's seen as a suggestion that trespasses on ones personal choices and rewards.

But those heavy calorie foods are killing us.. literally.  And we smile, and we make jokes, and we laugh it off. Every year though it catches up with more and more Canadians becoming overweight, inactive, and presenting with the health problems that accompany being overweight.

But why dwell on that..

It really is satisfying and rewarding to sit down with the family and enjoy a healthy meal.

Take turns making meals, explore the uncountable number of healthy recipes from around the world that can be found on the net.

One of my fave's is Worlds Healthiest Foods

If you haven't done it for a while, make a point of having some regular healthy family meals.

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