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Sunday, November 14, 2010

How Chocolate May Reduce Blood Pressure

I love chocolate.  Of course if I show it a little too much love the extra calories will cause weight gain, and with significant weight gain comes all the health problems that extra body fat brings, including high blood pressure.

Studies have shown though, that in small amounts, dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) appears to have positive health effects.

A new chocolate study from Sweden (where else) has discovered a specific mechanism of dark chocolate that over the long term may result in reducing blood pressure.

The study looked at the effects of 75 grams of dark chocolate (72% cocoa) on ACE activity. 

ACE inhibitor drugs are a common treatment for high blood pressure.  The dark chocolate caused an 18% reduction in ACE activity, comparable to the effect of ACE inhibitor drugs.

Reduced ACE activity over time will reduce blood pressure.  The duration of this study was not long enough to observe reduced blood pressure, that will need another study.

Effects of Cocoa Extract and Dark Chocolate on Angiotensin-C... : Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology

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