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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Compassionate Coaching Better Than Negative Coaching

One of these phrases will activate regions of brain associated with positive imagery and being open to possibilities.  The other will shut down brain circuits that allow you to perceive a positive future.

"You're doing that all wrong.  Don't do it wrong, do it right.  Do it like this."

"If you do it this way it will make you stronger."

A news release from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio highlights a study where compassionate coaching and a typical traditional method of coaching where compared.

The researchers used functional MRI to see which parts of the brain would be "lit up" when study subjects were exposed to different coaching methods.

The results showed how coaching that focused on future benefits affected the brain differently than coaching that focussed mainly mistakes.

Read here for more details.

From sports coaching to managing and training employees, "compassionate coaching" has a much higher potential of netting a better result.  Researchers maintained that "everyone has to look at their weaknesses and take them on", but that focusing on doing that which creates a positive outcome is more important overall.

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