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Cris LaBossiere
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Save yourself, quit smoking

It's national quit smoking week again.

I smoked most of the major brands, filtered and non-filtered.  Tried menthol, didn't really like those but I'd smoke one if I was desperate enough. Did the roll your own thing.  I could roll a smoke with one hand. I also had one of those mini automatic cigarette makers where you load a blank tube into one side and the soft, sweet smelling luxurious tobacco into the other. In a satisfying shick shick mechanical motion, not unlike cocking a gun, I would make myself my very own dart of death, and cheap too.

I had a pipe for a while.  A pipe is the ultimate portrayal of the educated smoker who has advanced their carbon monoxide connoisseurship beyond that of the pedestrian inhaler.  

Quitting smoking was one of the best things I've ever done, but it wasn't without challenge.

Rather than re-write my quit smoking experience, here are links to two posts where I relate what I went through..

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  1. Your recent post regarding Non-smoking week was freaking hilarious! Especially the shick,shick of the roll-o-matic machine. Thanks for the laugh:)

    ps. Thanks for the advice about the Kurt Kinetic trainer. It rocks!!!! I've really been enjoying riding outside this winter so far, the side walk is kind of like single track minus the berms and nice vegetation.
    Cheers Cris. Oh Tell Brian I say hello