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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Canadians: Out of Shape and in Denial

A new report from the Heart And Stroke Foundation, aptly named Denial, say's that while most Canadians understand the risks of living an unhealthy lifestyle, many are in denial about how much they are doing make healthy living something they do every day.

31% of Canadians self-reported being physically inactive in leisure time, but in reality 48% of us are making a lasting impression in the couch.

39% report eating less than the recommended 5 or more servings of fruit and veggies daily, but the survey says 54% of us are shunning the good stuff.

18% of adults say they're obese, survey say's.. 24%.

The number one reason why people claim for not making choices?  No time.

Of course that's pure denial, and we hate hearing that we're in denial.

But that's what denial is all about: avoiding the truth.

After I quit smoking, exercised more, and ate more healthy, life got better.  I wasn't tired as often.  I had more energy during the day.

Studies show that our cognition improves with regular exercise, better sleep, and better nutrition.  I don't know if I'm any smarter, many might argue otherwise, but it seems like a worthy benefit of living healthy.

I have a love/ hate thing with Heart and Stoke.  They do a lot to get the message out, but most of the time their message is doom and gloom mixed with academic boredom that would kill the even the most well-read bookworm.

Take their new adds for example.. Make Death Wait. 

The short video's have a somber soundtrack and a super boring Mr. Death narrator telling us all how he loves us and that he's going to get us..  Yawn.

How about a video showing how enjoyable it is to live healthy?  What?  Put a positive spin on living healthy?  Thats crazy!

I guess I'll have to do the heaving lifting..

Imagine not feeling tired every morning, or for that matter every morning, afternoon and evening.

Imagine feeling like you have the energy to take on the day and more.  No, this isn't rose coloured fitness enthusiast glasses.. it's a physical reality.

Making healthy choices changes your body making every cell work better, brain cells, muscle cells, vital organs.. it all works better when we live healthy, and it's tangible.  You can feel it.

The biggest challenge is re-setting our sense of reward.  It's unlikely anyone is going to be successful switching to a healthy lifestyle if they hang on to old love affairs with overeating and inactivity.

Some things to think about..

Healthy eating is not restrictive, unhealthy eating is.

Exercise does not interfere with life's priorities, it enables them.

How many people, when diagnosed with heart disease, say, "yeah!  Right on!  I knew this would happen by eating all that crap and sitting on my butt all day! Woohoo!  I win!"

That's the disconnect. Can't deny that eating crap food tastes good at the moment.  But eating healthy food also tastes at the moment.  One makes you feel great and live longer, the other makes you overweight, tired, and die earlier.

I don't know, sounds like feeling great most of the time might be worth it.

Studies show that healthy living can reduce the number of colds we get each year by 40%, reduce the duration of the colds we do get by 40%, and reduce the severity of cold symptoms also by 40%.

That's all about having less time feeling bad and more time feeling good.  Is that worth something?

I think it is.  I haven't had a cold in years.  Colds are miserable.  I don't miss them.

What are some things that you'd like to miss?

Feeling tired?  Sleep apnea? Being sore, weak, and out of energy?  Getting sick often?  Having high blood pressure?  The battle of the bulge?

The absence of these things leaves you feeling great; and whats wrong with that?

You can't be a two-timer.  You'll need to cut ties with that old dysfunctional relationship with living unhealthy, and make a commitment to the new lover, healthy living.

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