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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Internet Versus Face To Face Counselling For Weight Loss

So long as you stick with the program you will succeed in weight loss getting help from a weight loss pro with one on one face time, or doing it yourself via the internet.

Both use the same strategies of educating, motivating, assessing, cognitive therapy, goal setting, and keeping records.

One study referenced a 12 lb weight loss after 6 months with internet intervention, and a 19 lb weight loss with face to face intervention.. both successful strategies.

One on one pro's

More weight loss likely
A pro is more likely able to respond to unique personal circumstances
More personal; can talk to you about how you feel, answer specific questions, develop rapport


Higher cost
Might have to try a few people before you find someone that clicks with you
Have to travel

Internet pro's

Lose significant weight
Lower cost
Available anywhere you have a computer or phone


Not as personal
Might give up sooner

The effect of a motivational intervention on weight loss is moderated by level of baseline controlled motivation

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