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Sunday, May 23, 2010

1000 Calorie High Fat Meal Bad Idea For Those With Asthma

Actually a high fat, high calorie meal is a bad idea for anyone.  Previous studies have shown that just one high fat, high calorie meal increases artery stiffness, the level of oxidants in blood plasma, and increases the feeling of being hungry while decreasing the feeling of being full.

New research adds further understanding to the immediate deleterious affects of eating high calorie, high fat meals.

Asthma patients who ate a 1000 calorie meal (about 52% fat) consisting of fast food burgers and hash browns, had increased airway inflammation up to 4 hours after the meal.  To make this problem worse, the usefulness of Ventolin, a standard drug administered by puffer to relieve asthma symptoms did not work as well after the high fat meal.

Research from the University of Newcastle Australia was presented at the 2010 AGM for the American Thoracic Society

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