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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flavonoids in orange juice suppress oxidative stress from high-fat, high-carb meal

ScienceDaily (2010-03-31) -- Eating foods containing flavonoids -- orange juice, in this case -- along with a high-fat, high-carbohydrate fast-food meal neutralizes the oxidative and inflammatory stress generated by the unhealthy food and helps prevent blood vessel damage, a new study by endocrinologists shows.
It was interesting to read that this research showed a 62% increase in oxygen free radicals after 900 calories breakfast of an egg muffin sandwich, sausage muffin sandwich, and hash browns. More and more studies are showing that there is an immediate detrimental affect of eating just one high fat high calorie meal.

Too often we have the notion that "just one time" isn't going to harm us.

When a glass of pure orange juice was consumed with the high fat high calorie meal free radicals increased by 47%, markedly lower than the 62% without the orange juice.

Woo hoo! This means we can eat high fat meals so long as we chug down some orange juice!

Not really.. You'll still increase oxygen free radicals by 47%, and including the juice your energy intake would be 1200 calories. So you're still overeating and those extra calories will be stored as fat.

The take home is high fat - high calorie meals are proinflammitory as well as being obesogenic. So don't eat like that :-)

Make the association: High fat, high calories meals have both an immediate and long term negative affect on health.

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